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You have found me
- But have you found You?

Picture yourself as a child - full of wonderment and great spirit, what kinds of things came natural to you? Are you the adult the child wanted to be? Or has life just happened and you are as you are because of conditioning and responsibilities? In your strive to succeed have you set bits of yourself aside?

Cindy Hurn reminds us that true wealth lies within. Through her teachings, mentoring or 1-1 sessions your treasure hunt has just begun.


Cindy Hurn


the cindy hurn show

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The Awakened Path

Courses/Workshops for Personal & Spiritual Transformation
The Awakened Path opens the doors to perspective and invites self- awareness, changing both how you view yourself and the world. All courses/ workshops are designed to embrace self-understanding and Spiritual insight, strengthening accessibility into the landscape of the mind, inspiring self-knowledge and authenticity.
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Cindy talks about Change
Thinking of changing but not sure how? Do you initiate change, then suddenly pull away from what you want? What makes changing such a challenge? Looking at the Energetics of Change Cindy Hurn takes us through the process...


Cindy talks about Challenges
Life gives opportunities. Great gifts landing in our laps. Why do shy away from them? Cindy Hurn talks about the Energenics of Challenges with a reminder that whatever comes our way - we can do - else we would not have attracted it in the first place.


Cindy talks about Habits
Why do we start with all good intentions - creating new habits but then seemingly without thought lose momentum. Slipping back we end up repeating the old habits which we know do not suit us? Cindy Hurn talks about the Energenics of Habits, giving insight to strengthen that resolve.


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